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Choosing Your Business                                                          page         17                 

What Motivates Your Ideal Customer to Buy                       page         52  

How to Identifying your Ideal Customer                               page         60                                                                            
Make Sure Your Idea Will Be a Success                                 page         64
How and When to Start Your Business                                  page         99  

Creating Your Business Name                                                 page       114

Start-Up Costs Worksheet                                                        page       146 

Positioning Your Brand for Greater Success                         page       234

How to Sell More of Your Products and Services                 page        272

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Business Genesis Toolkit
​Business Genesis is a start-to-success guide filled with examples and tools to help you actually start and grow your own successful  business doing what you love.  Particularly in the last few years, times have been challenging for all of us.  For those who are ready to take charge of their own destiny and financial future, Business Genesis will walk you through each step starting with how to find out just in what area you would have the greatest opportunity for success.  Here are just some of the solutions Business Genesis Toolkit provides for you to start and build a strong and sustainable business...

Get started building your business NOW!